Best Pavilions awarded at EXPO 2015 Milano

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Best Pavilions awarded at EXPO 2015 Milano

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On October 30 the best pavilions of EXPO 2015 Milano have been awarded.

At a ceremony in Milan the German pavilion was honored to win the most important category of this year’s World EXPO.
An experts jury of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) named it the best realization of the Expo’s theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

Other awards were given to France for the most spectacular architectural concept and Japan was awarded for the most impressive exhibition design.

Pavilions have been awarded in three different categories:
1) Best realization of Expo’s theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”
2) Best Architecture
3) Best Interior and Exhibition Design

They were also separated in 3 scales:
1) Pavilions larger then 2.000 square meters
2) Pavilions up to 2.000 square meters and
3) Cluster Pavilions

All in all 24 pavilions and activities have been awarded. Only Italy as the host country did not participate in the evaluation of the jury.

Pavilions larger then 2.000 square meters

At the scale of Pavilions larger then 2.000 square meters Bahrain won Silver and China  made it to the third place (Bronze) of the Architecture Category.

Bahrain suprised with a plain, white and shady oasis. It did not only impress visitors and the jury, but also architects from other participant countries.

China’s dynamic, curved roof was one of the eyecatchers of EXPO Milano for the whole six months and deserved the 3rd place.

foto-iconPictures of the Winners:


Pavilions up to 2.000 square meters

Austria (Gold), Iran (Silber) and Estonia (Bronze) won the awards for Pavilions up to 2.000 square meters in the category of Best Interior and Exhibition Design.

At the same scale the UK, Chile and Czech Republik were honored for the extraordinary architecture. Especially UK’s beehive was impressive in design, concept and realization.

The Holy See pavilion, Monaco and Ireland convinced the Jury with the best realization at the scale of Pavilions up to 2.000 square meters.

Cluster Pavilions

In the Cluster Pavilions sector Algeria, Cambodia and Mauritania were choosen for the best realization of the theme.
At the Best Interior and Exhibition Design category the experts jury of the B.I.E. decided for Montenegro, Venezuela and Gabun.

History: Award ceremonies over the years

Awards were first presented at the inaugural 1851 World Expo in London. But the tradition came to an end in Brussels in 1958.
It was not until 50 years later, at Japan’s Expo 2005 in Aichi, when the B.I.E. revived the tradition of presenting awards.

Since then Germany was very successful at EXPOs. They won the gold medals at the last Universal EXPOs in China at EXPO 2010 Shanghai and Japan EXPO 2005 Aichi.

Also at the smaller scale international EXPOs Germany won gold medals in Zaragossa 2008 and Yeosu (South Korea) in 2012.
After Köln Messe (2010) and Hamburg Messe (2012), now it is Frankfurt Messe that continues the success story of Germany at World’s Fairs (EXPOs).

The continuing success is even more remarkable when you look into the past. Legend relates that “made in Germany” was brought to life after Philadelphia’s World’s Fair in 1876.
But not what you might think.  It wasn’t the Seal of Quality like today. In contrast, it was introduced by the british to mark the “Cheap and bad” quality of German products presented at that Fair in the United States…
So it is interesting to recognise Germany’s progress over the years, decades and centuries.


Don’t you agree with the selected winners?

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List of all Winners

Category 01: Best realization of the Theme of EXPO 2015

Pavilions larger then 2.000 square meters

  1. Gold: Germany
  2. Silver: Angola
  3. Bronze: Kazakhstan

Pavilions up to 2.000 square meters

  1. Gold: Vatican City State ( Holy See )
  2. Silver: Monaco
  3. Bronze: Ireland

Cluster Pavilions

  1. Gold: Algeria
  2. Silver: Cambodia
  3. Bronze: Mauritania

Category 02: Best Architecture
  1. Gold: Frankreich
  2. Silver: Bahrain
  3. Bronze: China

Pavilions up to 2.000 square meters

  1. Gold: UK
  2. Silver: Chile
  3. Bronze: Czech Republic

Category 03: Best Interior and Exhibition Design
  1. Gold: Japan
  2. Silver: South Korea
  3. Bronze: Russia

Pavilions up to 2.000 square meters

  1. Gold: Austria
  2. Silver: Iran
  3. Bronze: Estonia

Cluster Pavilions

  1. Gold: Montenegro
  2. Silver: Venezuela
  3. Bronze: Gabun
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