Vote & Win! Choose your favorite Pavilion of EXPO 2015 NOW – and win an EXPO book

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Vote & Win! Choose your favorite Pavilion of EXPO 2015 NOW – and win an EXPO book

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The big EXPO 2015 Voting

Choose the best Pavilion of EXPO 2015 Milano and win one of three great EXPO books!

The Prizes!


You can win 3 great EXPO Books!

  • 3rd Prize: “Unique Itineraries – Between site and the City” – The Official Guide Book of EXPO 2015
  • 2nd Prize: VERSO EXPO MILANO
  • 1st Prize:  Universal Expositions from Port-au-Prince 1949 to Shanghai 2010 by Sandro Fusina ( Hardcover )


Voting ends on December 15 at 20.15!

Voting ends at 15.12.2015 at 20.15 h:

2015/12/15 20:15:00

How it works:

  1. flag-iconChoose a country

    Select from the country pavilions list:
    flag-icon Country pavilion list

  2. erledigt-iconGo to Rating

    Go almost to the end of the page (or click at the “Rating” link in the Menu on the left ). On the bottom of the page you’ll find: “Rating” / „Rate Here“ 
    Here you can vote for any pavilion.
    e.g. the Swiss Pavilion (click the Link)

  3. smile-daumen-iconConnect with EXPO elements
    via Social Media

    To participate in the contest and to win a prize, you need to be connected with EXPO elements via Social Media.
    e.g. facebook, instagram, twitter oder pinterest .
    If you are already connected with EXPO elements or EXPO news, it’s all good. If not, just click the “like” or “Follow” button at your prefered Social Media Channel.
    The more channels you are you subscribed to, the higher are your chances to win…

  4. star2Lottery

    IMPORTANT: To make sure you are in the lottery, you must fill in a few personal details in the fields on the bottom of the voting page (find the link “comments” in the menu on the left ) at “Comments” and „Leave a Response“.
    Please fill in…

    1. Your Name and
    2. E-Mail-Address or facebook contact (Link to your profile)
    3. Don’t forget to fill in a „V“ oder „Vote“ in the Comment field.
      e.g. here is the link to the comment section and comment field at the Swiss pavilion page.

Your name, E-Mail-Adress and comments will NOT be published!


Have fun with the voting of the pavilions and good luck for the lottery!


Info & rules

  • You must be legal of age in your country to participate in the contest and lottery ( e.g. in Germany you must be at least 14 years old. )
  • End: The contest and voting ends at 31.10.2015 at 20.15 h ( 8.15 pm )
  • Prizes: 3 EXPO books will be raffled.
  • Latest on November 1st the winners will be drawn and the best pavilions and winners will be announced soon.
  • Winners will be drawn in a lottery.
  • The prizes will be sent to the winners after the draw / lottery.
  • Privacy Policy: All datas will NOT be passed to anybody else and will be deleted soon after the lottery.
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